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Leica 1-6.3x24 Magnus i Riflescope Illuminated L-Plex Reticle, Matte Black

Leica 1-6.3x24 Magnus i Riflescope Illuminated L-Plex Reticle, Matte Black

Brand: Leica
Product Code: 52102
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Condition: New

Product Features

L-Plex Reticle, 2nd Focal Plane
30mm Diameter Maintube
1cm Impact Point Correction
140cm Windage/200cm Elevation Range
Low-Profile Capped Turrets
Anodized Aluminum Housing
Fully Multi-Coated with AquaDura Coating
Waterproof and Fogproof
Parallax-Free at 100m
Made in Germany




Leica delivered the 1-6.3x24 Magnus i Riflescope for uncompromising durability, safety, and performance. At the core of this riflescope is an expertly-designed optical system with high-quality glass elements that are ground and polished to the highest standards of optical craftsmanship. To increase the total throughput to 91%, the optics are also treated with full multi-coatings and a baffle system to reduce stray light. To ensure that no weather conditions bring down the outstanding performance of this fine telescopic sight, the exterior objective lens surface is also enhanced with the hydrophobic AquaDura coating that repels water droplets and moisture. With the 24mm objective, this riflescope can become a reliable partner for making that perfect shot while yielding a minimal forward glint.

Another central highlight of this scope is the L-Plex Reticle. It offers four medium tapered posts, a thin crosshair, and an illuminated ultra-fine yet well-defined, brilliant red center dot. The dot's brightness offers 60 settings and can be adjusted to accommodate your preferences and any lighting conditions. The crosshair line casts a 0.2" (0.5cm) subtension and offers a narrow 19.7" (50cm) center gap in the field of view. The reticle also offers a parallax-free performance at 100 yards. To save battery power, the auto-off function is activated when you tilt the rifle 75° or after 3 minutes of inactivity.

To ensure dependability for years of service, the housing is made from high-quality aluminum alloy and features a 30mm maintube with a 1.5mm-thick wall to improve strength and safety. Among other highlights are the waterproof and fogproof performance, low-profile capped turrets that can be re-zeroed without tools, knobs and rings that are knurled and easy-to-operate in gloves, a slim eyepiece, and a redesigned-for-efficiency battery compartment. The magnification ring also features a low-profile lever to enable you to change zoom factor instantly. For a distinct Leica appearance, the finish was hand-polished, and the markings are stylus-engraved and hand-painted.

Optical Performance

Fully multi-coated optics
1 - 6.3x optical zoom magnification
24mm objective gives minimal forward glint
Total system transmission is greater than 91%
High-quality optical glass delivers high-contrast, true-color images
AquaDura water-repellent lens coating

L-Plex Reticle

2nd focal plane
Four medium well defined posts
Thin crosshair 0.5cm at 100 meters
Center spans 322-50cm at 100 meters
Sharp and brilliant red dot with    60-step day/night illumination
Auto-off after 3 minutes or when tilted ± 75°

Use and Handling

1cm impact point correction
200cm elevation range
140cm windage range
Knurled windage and elevation adjustment dials
Illumination control has safety feature to prevent accidental on/off
3.5" eye relief
Exit pupil: 3.8 - 12.4 mm

Construction Details

30mm maintube diameter
1.5mm-thick maintube wall
High-quality aluminum housing
Matte black anodized finish
Designed for durability and safety
Re-zeroing does not require tools
Battery compartment offers efficient replacement
Slim eyepiece design
Waterproof, submersible to 13.1'
Nitrogen-filled, fogproof

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Leica 1-6.3x24 Magnus i Riflescope Illuminated L-Plex Reticle, Matte Black
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